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April 7, 2017
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How To Set Up Yahoo Mail On Outlook in IOS Device

One of the easiest tasks is setting up the Yahoo mail on the outlook in IOS device. Yahoo is used by millions of users so that they can be connected to their families and friends and their known ones. Slowly and steadily it is becoming a well-known e-mail service provider. Using Yahoo the user can send and receive various kinds of things like mail, images, GIF files and much more. If the user wants he can customize their inbox in yahoo. The user at times finds it difficult to set up Yahoo mail on the outlook in IOS device. One can call the Yahoo Technical Support Number and get help. The steps to set up yahoo mail are as follows: –

  • Open Settings App
  • Press mails,contacts,calendars
  • See the “Add account” option
  • Click on it
  • Don’t select Yahoo, choose other option
  • Click on “Add mail account”
  • Then type the setting details in option boxes which include:
  1. Entering the customer’s name
  2. Entering the full Yahoo username
  3. Entering Yahoo mail password
  4. Type the title name to identify yahoo account
  • Then select IMAP at the top of the page
  • One can see the entered information in the first three fields
  • Use the following setting details for other field details

In the incoming mail server do the following

  1. Use the Hostname: imap.mail.yahoo.com
  2. Then type the username
  3. Then type your Yahoo password

In the outgoing mail server

  1. Type smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  2. The Yahoo e-mail address
  3. The Yahoo password
  • Then choose the “Next option”. Then the IOS device now can show “verifying” message as it tries to connect to yahoo.com. On successful execution, one will see the screen named IMAP. Then one can press the “Save button”.
Yahoo Customer Support

Yahoo Customer Support 

These are the steps that will help the customers add yahoo mail on the IOS device with Outlook help. If the customers face any problems while executing these above mentioned steps then they can call the Yahoo Customer Service Number. One can call the toll free number 1-888-787-3002 the USA.